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Healthy Vision Month: Make Your Vision Last a Lifetime!

Each year, we celebrate Healthy Vision Month in May, and it offers a great opportunity to learn about eye health and to make sure you and your family recognize the importance of regular comprehensive eye exams as a way to maintain overall eye health.

The Importance of Sunglasses

While many people view sunglasses as just a fashion accessory, wearing them has many benefits for your overall eye health.

How to Combat Allergy Season

March is upon us, bringing longer days and warmer temperatures. For many, March also marks the beginning of allergy season.

Multiple Pairs Of Glasses

When you completed your last eye exam, did you wander around the optical shop looking at the gorgeous designer frames? It can be hard to find ONE perfect pair of glasses, much less multiple pairs!

Sunglasses in Winter

Most of us have no problem remembering to wear our sunglasses during the spring and summer months. Although there is less sun in the colder months of winter, your eyes can still be exposed to harmful situations.

How to Take Care of Glasses in the Cold

It's cold outside once again, meaning it's time to break out the heavy coats, hats, and gloves. But what about your glasses? Do you have a plan for keeping them from fogging up and freezing in the cold weather? Here are a few tips on how to take care of your glasses in the cold.

Why You Should Buy Eyeglasses From Your Eye Doctor Instead of an Online Retailer

If you wear eyeglasses, you may be tempted to buy them online rather than from your eye doctor. After all, it can be cheaper to order glasses online, and it's also convenient to have them delivered to your door. However, there are some significant advantages to buying eyeglasses from your neighborhood eye doctor instead of online retailers. We will explore some of these reasons to help you make the right choice when purchasing eyeglasses.

Halloween Safety Month

If you're like most people, you probably look forward to Halloween every year. It's a time when you can dress up in costumes, enjoy festive treats, and spend time with friends and family. Although Halloween can be a lot of fun, it's important to keep safety in mind.


September is Healthy Aging Month, a time to focus on the many ways we can stay healthy as we age. This year, let’s make sure to include our eyes in that conversation. Getting regular comprehensive eye exams is critical for keeping our vision sharp well into old age.


Dry eye may seem like a simple ocular issue, but is surprisingly more complicated and very common. Common symptoms of dry eye include burning, stinging, redness, tearing, and even blurred vision.

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