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What to know about Hyperopia

The two most common types of vision correction are nearsightedness and farsightedness. These are referred to as refractive error, or irregularities in the eye’s anatomy that affect its ability to focus light on the retina. Both refractive errors share common symptoms including headaches, eye strain, squinting to see clearly, and eye fatigue. However, the cause of error is different between the two.

Diabetes: More Than a Numbers Game

Imagine you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes. It’s scary and a lot of information is coming at you all at once. It seems like it is all about watching those numbers. Lose a few pounds and things look better. Track your blood sugar levels and you’re okay. Set aside time throughout your day for physical activity, and you notice improvements. However, there is more to it than just tracking the numbers.

Contact Lenses: Shoes for Your Eyes

Have you had this problem before? Your glasses fog up when getting out of the car during a cold day. How about getting knocked off your face when playing ball? Glasses are great. They help us see and can add another level to our style.

‘Tis the Season for Eye Allergies

Ah! Here it is. Cooler weather, friends around a fire pit, leaves changing, the sounds of geese migrating, and eye allergies. Anybody else have this problem? Instead of enjoying the beautiful weather, you are cooped up inside trying to avoid all the things that trigger those allergies.

Back to School: Vision Basics

Alright, let’s go through the checklist for back to school. School supplies? Check. Even packs of Ticonderoga pencils! First day of school outfit? Check. Annual eye exam? Ummmm. Your child’s vision development is so important.

UV Protection and Sunglasses

Who doesn’t just love the idea of summer? The sunny days, cool nights, time spent near the water to cool down, and of course the perfect pair of sunglasses. We all have that pair of sunglasses right? Or are you one of those that buy a pair from a gas station? While the price might be right, the quality might not be the best.

Firework Safety

There is really no safe age for shooting off fireworks. They are explosives after all. Here are a few safety tips from the Consumer Product Safety Commission for shooting off fireworks at home.

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