How to Combat Allergy Season

Caring For Your Eyes During Allergy Season

March is upon us, bringing longer days and warmer temperatures. For many, March also marks the beginning of allergy season. This can be a challenging time for adults and kids of all ages, especially those who suffer from eye allergies. Also known as allergic conjunctivitis, eye allergies can cause symptoms including redness, itching, watering, and swelling of the eyes. These symptoms can be mild or severe, and they can affect your ability to perform daily activities. While some of the triggers are unavoidable, there are several things you can do to care for your eyes during allergy season.

  • Reduce allergen exposure: Allergens such as pollen, dust mites, and pet dander are some of the many triggers for eye allergies. You can reduce your exposure to allergens by keeping windows and doors closed, using air purifiers, and avoiding outdoor activities during peak pollen times. Changing the filters on your indoor furnace is a good idea as well, as it can help keep some of the allergens out of the air inside your home.
  • Wash your hands: There are so many benefits to washing your hands in general, and doing this frequently during allergy season can help reduce the amount of allergens that come into contact with your eyes. Be sure to wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after being outside or touching pets.
  • Use eye drops: Over-the-counter eye drops can help relieve the symptoms of eye allergies. Antihistamine eye drops can reduce itching and redness, while lubricating eye drops can soothe dry, irritated eyes. Additionally, rubbing your eyes can make the symptoms of eye allergies worse. Instead, try using a cold compress to relieve itching and swelling.
  • Wear your sunglasses: Wearing sunglasses when you’re outside can help protect your eyes from airborne allergens like pollen and dust. Consider wearing wraparound sunglasses, as they can provide additional protection by preventing allergens from entering your eyes from the sides.
  • Tackle the spring cleaning: Cleaning your home regularly can help reduce the amount of allergens in your environment. Be sure to vacuum carpets and rugs, dust surfaces, and wash bedding frequently during allergy season. Using a HEPA filter can also help trap allergens in the air, and consider adding an air purifier to your bedroom at night to avoid waking up with red eyes and stuffy noses.
  • Visit your eye doctor: If your symptoms are severe or do not improve with home remedies, schedule an appointment with your eye doctor. They can prescribe stronger medications or recommend other treatments.

While caring for your eyes during allergy season can be a pain, remember that allergy season is usually temporary! By taking these steps, you can help relieve the symptoms of eye allergies and enjoy the spring season. Spring is on the way, so stop by and check out our collection of sunglasses today!

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