Multiple Pairs Of Glasses

You found one perfect pair of glasses…here’s why multiple pairs of glasses are great idea!


When you completed your last eye exam, did you wander around the optical shop looking at the gorgeous designer frames? It can be hard to find ONE perfect pair of glasses, much less multiple pairs! However, if you are wondering to yourself, “do I really need multiple pairs of glasses?” The answer is decidedly yes…here’s a few reasons why!

You should always have a backup pair, just in case you misplace one, and different pairs of glasses serve different functions along with correcting your prescription. Eye doctors nearly always recommend that patients have more than one pair of prescription eyeglasses, not only for fashion purposes, but for protecting your vision and eyes in case your primary pair of eyeglasses are damaged in any way.

1. You’ll always have a backup pair

No matter how careful you are with your eyeglasses, accidents still happen. When you own more than one pair of eyeglasses, damaging or losing a pair won’t leave you struggling to see before you have a chance to visit your eye doctor for a repair or select a replacement pair.

2. Multiple pairs for multiple purposes

Owning multiple pairs of eyeglasses for different purposes can make your life easier! If you are involved in sports or other activities, you may want to get prescription glasses especially made for sports or outdoor activities. Options for sports eyewear are available for water sports, winter sports, golf, basketball, baseball, and many more!

Additionally, if you stare at a computer screen all day, you may want to invest in a pair of glasses with blue light lenses that are specifically used at the office. Using glasses with blue light lenses can help reduce eye strain and make your vision more comfortable overall.

3. Make a Fashion Statement!

One of the biggest reasons people get more than one pair of eyeglasses is so that they can have different pairs to go with different looks. These can include:

The daily staple. This pair is the one you’ll wear every day, so we suggest opting for a resilient frame in a neutral color and style.

Statement glasses. Wearing this pair will boost your confidence and help you make a true fashion statement by incorporating funky colors and shapes. They are eye-catching and fun to wear!

A sophisticated pair. This pair is designed to wear for special occasions, including important events like weddings, large gatherings, or important business events. Wearing this pair will give you confidence while conveying a high-end, fashionable presence.

Overall, having different frames for different occasions allows you to be fashionable and creative with your look and can while accentuating your personality. We have several of the latest frames and styles available, so stop by and shop our optical anytime!

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