Dry eye may seem like a simple ocular issue, but is surprisingly more complicated and very common. Common symptoms of dry eye include burning, stinging, redness, tearing, and even blurred vision. The severity of dry eye can increase by inflammation, dry/windy weather, hormonal changes, certain medications, and even computer use. Forms of dry eye treatment have advanced in the last several years. That is why we are working hard to make these options more available to our patients.

Mild dry eye can easily be treated with the use of artificial tears. But you know the panic attack that comes from walking down the eye care aisle at your local pharmacy or grocery store. The options are endless. Price and quality is just a small portion of selecting the right drop for you. The form of dry eye you have is dependent on the type of dry eye.


Omega 3 supplements are extremely beneficial for dry eyes. Your eyelids contain small oil glands. This oil prevents the tears from evaporating off the eye. These glands can become inflamed and clogged. An omega 3 that is high in EPA and DHA can reduce inflammation and assist with the quality of oil being produced. That is why we recommend PRN De3 Omega Benefits. PRN is a high quality and ultra-purified triglycerides that allow the body to easily absorb, which allows you to see results faster.


A warm compress can also help express clogged oil glands. Here are the important parts though, that it is warm NOT hot and that it can keep warm for 10-15 minutes. We recommend a Bruder Moist Heat Eye Compress, with its MediBeads technology that releases a clean, soothing moist heat and its specially designed “one-size fits all” eye compress that provides the best fit and comfort, that provides the best treatment.

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